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A key strength of Lee Baron is our forward thinking IT team.

Historically, our in-house team has provided facilities that were not at the time available from the standard PM software offerings.

We were early adopters of a complete paperless document management system and were one of the first to implement cloud technology for our servers and workstations.

All of our IT solutions and telephone systems are cloud-based to achieve full workforce mobility and with this comes the additional benefit of bulletproof business continuity protection.

We know that all our clients need wholly reliable information that reflects the current position and we know that each client will have specific reporting demands. We continue to invest in IT skills so as to deliver an excellent, customised client service.

Our clients have reliable data at their fingertips, 24/7

We work with multiple platforms and pride ourselves on our systems integration skills and we currently provide regular data feeds for multiple clients who wish to track our management process on their own systems.

To date we have created feeds for Yardi, MRI Qube, Voyanta, Softology, Elogbooks, Meridian and Coyote. Clients are provided with access to their own general ledger area, which sits on top of our MRI QUBE PM module. Through this, they can finish preparation of their corporate accounts without having to re-enter all the property financial data. With the rapid advancement of emerging technologies such as AI and ML, our team continues to research applications that will further enhance our client accounting and reporting abilities.

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