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Pacific Chambers is a traditional property covering 23,000 square feet in the vibrant city centre of Liverpool. The building has many functions, including housing several office spaces and a spacious restaurant. The building also has a large basement, which is currently used as a modern and dynamic nightclub.

Lee Baron’s Role

We have been managing and advising asset manager M7 since 2018, helping them carry out several functions to bring full cohesion to the property with management initiatives to deal with the different requirements of apparently incompatible occupiers and users of the building. Lee Baron has worked to implement full maintenance and completed outstanding fire safety works. We also endeavoured to undertake works to resolve long-term security and safety issues both within the building itself and its perimeter and implemented new budgets and maintenance contracts with proper FM procedure and service charge management. This included assisting in asset management strategy, such as an extension of the night club lease and letting vacant office spaces.


Over the last two years, Lee Baron has been able to create coherence amongst all aspects of the building management at Pacific Chambers. By ensuring that any outstanding safety checks were completed and maintained, the building has been able to function in security and peace.

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