Project in Focus: An outstanding office space in Birmingham City Centre


Located in Birmingham city centre, 148 Great Charles Street, owned by Lee Baron client Ergo Real Estate, is an office building of over 30,000sq ft. The building has views of Birmingham’s skyline, looking over the Commonwealth Games buildings and Birmingham Library. Inside the property there are communal meeting rooms and the best coffee machine of 2022! The building provides a good balance between state-of-the-art offices and break out areas, as well as spaces for the health and wellness of occupants.

There are many features of the property specifically targeted for people to feel calm, including specialist flowers, a welfare garden, a roof terrace, and furniture. The plants all have scents that help to calm the mind, to quiet internal dialogue and promote relaxation and stress relief during a break from work. The roof terrace is open to all tenants and is also available for private hire so that tenants can work or relax outside, if required.

Lee Baron’s role

Our brief is to manage and maintain the building for the landlord and all tenants, keeping the building to the highest of standards to ensure that it continues to be a cutting-edge space in the heart of Birmingham.  This includes providing facilities and building management advice to ensure the services are both excellent and cost-effective, regularly inspecting properties and ensuring that they are in great condition and managing any on-site staff and third-party contractors providing services at properties.

Our client has created a space for tenants to feel calm and comfortable while practising mindfulness during a demanding working day. Our role is to ensure the space maintains that atmosphere, even when the building is busy.


Our tenants have given us outstanding feedback about the quality of the building and how it is run. For all uses, Charles House is excelling, and we are particularly proud that we have enhanced both the work areas and the meditational spaces.