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Innovative tech and investment in our people key to the success of Lee Baron’s specialist retail team

Mark Fitzgerald, Director, Property Management at Lee Baron

The last year has been one of exceptional success for Lee Baron, and in particular, for our specialist retail team, whose experience in the retail sector has led to impressive growth. We are now managing 1,200 out-of-town retail units, 560 shopping centre units, 2,500 high-street retail units, 27 retail warehouse units and eight leisure units – up 69% in total compared to this time last year – we are certainly making our mark in the industry.

While our focus is always on the client, our key to success starts from within the company. Through innovation and investment in our people, we are able to deliver the highest quality property management. Our facilities management teams are trained to deliver excellent service through clear specifications and measurable KPIs, and we are constantly adapting our services to incorporate the latest technology.

As specialists in the retail sector, improving the performance of shopping centres and maximising the value of the properties we manage is at the core of Lee Baron’s business. Our expert risk management framework helps us enhance the value of our clients’ assets, by measuring property management performance against our own objectives, and providing senior management with guidance on ways to boost performance and improve the quality of our services.

Lee Baron doesn’t shy away from challenging portfolios, such as distressed assets or properties with complex ownership and financial structures. The team was recently involved in nine months of due diligence for a single shopping centre – an example of our work with a distressed asset. We are equipped to provide clients with comprehensive property solutions and have built a strong reputation with insolvency practitioners and investors.

With over 4,000 retail tenancies under management, Lee Baron prides itself on its rent collection performance – consistently reaching up to 99% of rent collection for key portfolios within 28 days of the quarter day. Rent roll has increased by over a quarter (26%), to £220m.

We firmly believe that success is about getting the small things right. It’s our dedication to providing a flawless and all-encompassing service, combined with a passion for what we do, which keeps client satisfaction high and has led to the firm being established in the world of retail property management.

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