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Environment, Social
& Governance

We recognise that we have a corporate responsibility to manage the environmental impact of our business activities and to proactively and inclusively protect and support our people and our communities.


We engage with all our stakeholders, suppliers, contractors and consultants to encourage an intentional approach to sustainability. In particular, we encourage our property management clients to adopt a sustainable approach to building design and construction and to minimise the environmental impact of existing buildings by introducing energy efficiency initiatives.

In January 2022, working with Planet Mark, 
we commenced a carbon foot printing exercise of our own business activities to provide baseline data for an effective sustainability strategy.


We strive to create and maintain an open, 
inclusive and safe working environment for our employees because their wellbeing, in all its aspects, is hugely important to us. Many of them have been with us for over fifteen years.
We make every effort to support charities that directly relate to our employees’ communities. They choose the charities, and as a firm, we join together every month to raise funds. We also support our employees’ individual fundraising by making and encouraging donations and allowing them time off to take part in various fundraising activities.


Corporate governance at Lee Baron is focused 
on maximising the value of the business over the long term with due regard to the interests of all stakeholders and to provide oversight, direction and supervision in accordance with best practice and applicable law. The Group Board provides strategic direction to the Group and oversees overall governance. It comprises five executive directors and a non-executive chairman.

The Board is supported by financial and 
remuneration committees. Responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Group is delegated to the Chief Operating Officer. Executive directors and other senior management have delegated authority from the Board to make decisions in their area of specific responsibility. The Board has established a process for identifying, evaluating and managing risk including robust Health & Safety policies, procedures and mitigations.

As required by law, the Directors prepare accounts for each financial year that give a true and fair view of the company’s affairs making reasonable and prudent judgements and estimates in their preparation. They take advice as necessary to ensure that proper accounting records are kept, the Group’s assets are protected and that reasonable steps are taken to prevent and detect fraud and other irregularities. The Directors have developed a plan to achieve long-term sustainability of the business. Finally, every Director and employee is expected to adhere to company values, of which integrity, diversity and corporate responsibility are paramount.

Supporting our employees' individual fundraising efforts

Charities we have
helped ...


We are very proud
of our sustainability

At LB, we believe in taking responsibility for our actions and in giving back to our communities. We are proud charity sponsors, spokespeople and contributors and we adhere to a strict environmental policy.

Some of our Initiatives

  • Selection of office space where technology has been applied to save energy (automatic blinds, motion sensors to activate lighting, double glazing)
  • Provision of large dual monitors for all users to cut down need for working on paper
  • Paperless office software (DMS) which has been in place since 2005
  • Fanatical use of email for communications wherever possible thereby reducing printing, postage and stationery requirements
  • To date we have created feeds for Yardi, QUBE, Voyanta, Softology, Elogbooks, Meridian and Coyote
  • Introduction of Uniflow software to control printing. Saves enormous amount of wasted uncollected printouts and since printing is only activated when user touches in this eliminates the requirement for individual or personal printers
  • Encouraging use of double sided printing to reduce paper consumption
  • Recycling bins in LB offices
  • Cloud solution for every single one of Lee Baron’s IT services – on premises servers normally dictate climate control which for a SMBE is never going to be as energy efficient as that of a dedicated data centre
  • The IT cloud solution for all staff and all facilities enables full mobility of workforce.  Facilitates a degree of home working
  • Hot desking – saving in the overall number of desks required which facilitates office operation in a reduced footprint compared to conventional one desk per person operations
  • Encourage use of public transport over cars where possible
  • Provision of dishwasher dramatically reducing the amount of plastic disposable items used in the kitchen
  • Tap water chiller / dispenser – avoids transport and unnecessary costs for bottled mineral water

Supporting charities that directly affect
our employees’ communities