COVID-19 Action Plan

To Whom it May Concern

We are writing to confirm the actions which we are taking to ensure the continuity of our business and the ability to continue providing services to all our customers during what is undoubtedly a very challenging time and a deeply worrying global problem

We have already taken, or are now taking, the following specific actions:

• We have implemented a detailed and tested Business Continuity Plan which will enable all our staff to continue working remotely. Please note that all our staff are, or will shortly be,
working remotely following the Government Guidelines issued 16th March 2020
• Our technological platform, and tested procedures, will enable us to continue financial transacting for our business and for our managed clients/portfolios
• Likewise, it will enable us to continue paying our suppliers and partners
• We have asked that visitors to our offices are kept to an absolute minimum and only where business critical
• Wherever possible, we are ensuring client and customer meetings are “online” rather than face-to-face
• We are encouraging everyone to avoid any physical contact, such as handshakes, and to maintain “Social Distancing” where and whenever possible
• We are following all government guidelines with respect to travel – please note that Lee Baron staff do not undertake any international travel for our business
• We are encouraging staff not to attend large scale conferences or meetings for the foreseeable future
• We are working with our own Landlords to cooperate with temperature testing of staff before they enter our buildings
• We are working with the other tenants in our building to share and help implement each other’s procedures and protocols
• We have arranged for a greater cleaning regime, especially of “hot spots” in our own offices
• We have informed our staff of the need for increased hygiene, and provided necessary facilities to do so
• We have informed our staff of the symptoms of coronavirus, and the procedures to follow if experiencing any of those symptoms
• We have informed all our staff of the requirements to self-quarantine and the specific relevant circumstances under which this is currently necessary
• We are continually updating our staff on any changes as they happen

With the above measures being implemented, we do not anticipate any problems with the smooth day to day operation of our business. We are however conscious that this situation could change, and should this be the case, then we will advise you immediately via our website and/or email.

Should you have any queries in respect of the above or require further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ian Jones
COO Lee Baron Group