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Charity cycle ride

Rafael Jacobs, Senior Surveyor, Property Management

Cycling 8,997km in a month is equivalent to Land’s End to John O’Groats and back three times or the southernmost tip of Europe (in Spain) to the northernmost tip (in Norway) or from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Ten members of Team Lee Baron and our client APAM cycled that distance throughout May to raise awareness and more than £1,000 for Save the Children’s Yemen Crisis Appeal. The difference was that we cycled not just on roads, but also on stationary bikes in the gym and in the office in a virtual cycle challenge.

We are extremely proud to support Save the Children in its centennial year. The charity works tirelessly assisting children all over the world who live in some of the most challenging situations. In Yemen, children are paying the heaviest price. They are facing a deadly triple threat – bombs, disease and hunger. When they are not being bombed in their homes and schools, they are at risk of dying from entirely preventable causes – hunger, or treatable illnesses and diseases. We would be grateful for your support:


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